SQL Server Express Installation

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SQL Server Express Installation

Use the Microsoft® SQL Server® Express with Advanced Services installation software.


The download link is: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=56840.


Run the downloaded package and select Download Media.

SQL Install 15


Select the Express Advanced package.

SQL Install 16


Run the downloaded package.


Install SQL

To install SQL Server Express use the following screenshots.

SQL Install 1



The screenshot shows the minimum required features for the Qalumma Neuralbase.


Make sure that you select the Full-Text search feature.


Make sure that you choose the correct Instance root directory.
This directory will store the data files of the database.


SQL Install 2


It is recommended to name the database instance ‘QALUMMA’.

If you have more instances for different organizations than it is recommended to use 'Q_<org name>'.

SQL Install 3


It is recommended that you use Mixed Mode authentication. A password for the ‘sa’ user should be provided.

SQL Install 5


After the SQL Server instance is installed make sure that all SQL Server updates are installed.


Check services

Make sure that the SQL Server instance service is running.

The SQL Server Browser service is running, but is not necessary. This service is only needed to access the SQL Server instance by name.


SQL Install 6



Enable TCP/IP

Make sure that the TCP/IP protocol is enabled.

The other protocols can be Disabled.


SQL Install 7


In case this SQL Server instance is to be accessed through a firewall use the TCP/IP Properties to set a fixed port number.

This port number needs to be opened in the firewall.


SQL Install 12


For extra safety the following Properties on the protocols for this SQL Engine should be set.


SQL Install 13 SQL Install 14



Creating 'bruce' user

You should create a 'bruce' user in the SQL Server Management Studio application.

This user is used with the Neuralbase Admin software.

SQL Install 8

SQL Install 9


SQL Install 10

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